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Investing in sports rights: how operators can identify value and ensure the best return

Martin Scott Principal Analyst, Research
Inigo Barker Analyst

"European pay-TV providers frequently pay up to EUR1 billion per year each for exclusive sports rights."

The business case for investing in sports rights is not static – investment strategies must accordingly be flexible. Partnerships, financial discipline and a considered approach to alternative content investment should be key considerations for any operator interested in obtaining sports rights.

This report provides:

  • recommendations for pay-TV providers on strategies to achieve the best returns on their sports content investments, how to approach future sports rights auctions and maximise the value of their existing sports content portfolios, and how to reap benefits through alternative content investment strategies
  • a discussion of best practices, and examples of successful pay-TV providers’ strategies
  • an analysis of the value of a sports content acquisition for a Western European operator
  • a review of the impact of losing sports rights on pay-TV operators in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).