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Towerco data management: improving the relationship with MNOs

Caroline Gabriel Principal Analyst, Research

"Towercos' revenue growth may stall if they do not invest in modern data management strategies."

Mobile network operators (MNOs) are increasingly outsourcing their cell sites to neutral host towercos, but problems in the MNO–towerco relationship often arise because of very different approaches to data management and analytics. Towercos have invested far less in these technologies than MNOs, which may limit the value that they can bring to the relationship, and may restrict their options to expand into new business models.

This report provides:

  • a deep overview of the state of data management in the towerco business, based on a unique survey of 48 towercos and mobile operator tower divisions
  • concrete recommendations for the ways in which towercos could make a strong business case for investment in data management and analytics, with short-term and long-term options
  • analysis of how that investment would support new opportunities for towercos to extend their business models, by moving into new types of sites and assets, or by providing value-added services for tenants
  • recommendations for MNOs about how to work with towercos in order to establish common frameworks and enhance the visibility of the mobile network
  • an assessment of the solutions available on the market, and emerging approaches such as machine learning.