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NFV-enabled IoT networks: opportunities and threats for vendors

25 July 2018 | Research

Caroline Chappell Michele Mackenzie

Strategy report | PPTX and PDF (14 slides) | Digital Infrastructure Strategies| Next-Generation Wireless Networks

"The adoption of NFV/SDN for LPWA networks will have the twin effect of expanding the target market for new-entrant LPWA network technology vendors and driving the take-up of LPWA networks by enterprise customers."

Network virtualisation is accelerating the entry of new IoT technology vendors with innovative solutions and operators that can exploit them. This is expanding the availability of interesting LPWA network solutions which threaten established vendors and operators with higher cost and lower agility products and services.

This report provides:

  • an assessment of the impact of NFV/SDN on the emerging LPWA network market and the threats to established vendors that want to position their products as IoT-capable
  • a description of LPWA technologies and how they are being virtualised (a glossary slide defines the different types of LPWA networks and their target use cases)
  • a summary of key operators’ LPWA network plans and the drivers for applying NFV/SDN
  • information on the expanding customer base for virtualised LPWA technologies which is not accessible to established vendors with physically-based or non cloud native products
  • a discussion about the opportunities and risks for new entrant vendors.

This is a unique snapshot of the power of virtualisation to shape a market with potentially disruptive consequences for established players that have not yet mastered it.

Please see the related report NFV-enabled IoT networks: opportunities and threats for operators for an operator-centric view of this topic.

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