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Monetisation platforms of the future and the impact on telecoms operators

28 June 2017 | Research

John Abraham

Video and podcast | Monetisation Platforms

The monetisation platforms of the future will use cloud-based and online delivery models.

Video interview

John Abraham, Senior Analyst at Analysys Mason and Lead Analyst for the Revenue Management research programme, discusses his latest research showcasing the key characteristics of future monetisation platforms and their impact on telecoms operators.

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Video transcript

I'm John Abraham, a Senior Analyst at Analysys Mason. I lead the Revenue Management research programme which includes billing and charging, policy management, partner management and mediatiion systems. I also contribute to the Digital Experience research programme and to the Software-Controlled Networks programme.

Today I'd like to talk about the research item that's top of the mind right now both for vendors and operators from the revenue management perspective and that is the idea of the monetisation platform of the future. 

So what is the monetisation platform of the future and what does it look like? What are the key traits? 

I have produced a recent report [CSP digital transformation: preparing for the monetisation platform of the future] which is available on our website and I just want to briefly give you an idea about what that report is about. 

What does the monetisation platform of the future look like? 

So there are 3 central traits for the monetisation platform of the future. 

The first trait is around delivery models. So the monetisation platforms of the future will have a cloud-based online delivery model, specifically cloud native. 

Now what that means is, unlike the billing and charging systems deployed today which are predominantly monolythic, you are look at a micro-services based, fully re-architected, cloud-centred deployment model which will support continuous delivery and continuous integration.  It is more or less the next generation of architecture. 

This is what is already being done by many web companies the likes of Netflix or Amazon and even Google for example. 

We believe that this would be a central tenent for the monetisation platform of the future. 

Multi-directional and multi-dimension value chains and what that means 

The second key trait for the monetisation platform of the future will be its ability to support multi-directional and multi-dimension value chains. 

So what does that mean? For the most part operators are quite one-dimensional and at best two dimensional in terms of what types of services they can support from a platform perspective. 

But in the future you would have a scenario of different types of business models where you will have different parties wanting to engage with each other in different types of settlement models between them, and all of that calls for a completely new way of supporting value chains, multi-step value chains from an operator's perspective. 

Soutions-based rather than product centred approach

The third key trait is the ability of the vendor to provide a solution-based transformation for the operator. In the past, transformation usually used to be product centred. You would have the operator select multiple products if it was a best of breed approach, or maybe even select a single stack if it were a best of suite approach, and then bring in someone to actually support the services as a prime intergrator. 

But in the future that model is shifting towards something that is more solutions centred where the vendor who actually provides the solution will also bring in the associated services around it.  

That's actually quite efficient from an operator perspective but also gives them greater control over some of the new technology deployment models such a cloud native. 

I dicuss all these points in greater detail in the report that I mentioned earlier, that is already published on a website. 

Over the next 12 months I plan to flesh out some of these points in greater detail as stand-alone, individual reports. 


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