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Telecoms network investment strategies in a 5G era

04 July 2017 | Research

Larry Goldman

Video and podcast

Our telecoms networks research looks at 5G and the timelines for credible investment cases as well as how far fixed wireless will improve the commercial case for 5G among other key issues.

Video interview

Larry Goldman, Partner at Analysys Mason and Head of Telecoms Software and Networks, provides an overview of the current issues relating to 5G and the investment strategies of network operators moving toward the next generation of telecoms.


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Video transcript

I am Larry Goldman, Head of Telecoms Software and Networks at Analysys Mason.

Today I want to talk about network investment strategies, which is a new focus area for us.

Analysys Mason has done a lot of research in this area in the past which has shown up in a lot of different places but we have decided to bring it together and focuson it in one area that we call Network Investment Strategies

How do operators move towards 5G?

What we are really intending here is to meet the needs of decision makers within network operators who are dealing with the investment decisions they need to make going forward, especially as they are facing maybe a somewhat uncertain future of dealing with the question of 'what does it mean to move towards 5G?'. 

We look at how do operators make investment decisions today with the expectation that down the road they will be moving to a new kind of network with 5G.

So we are bringing together work that we've done and along the way adding new work, really so that we can provide the right kind of advice to operators in terms of decisions they're trying to make.

Different operators have different needs and different investing decisions

In doing this, we are looking at the needs of different kinds of operators. We have the needs of mobile-only operators versus those that are converged or fixed-mobile operators. The needs of operators in developed markets are very different than operators in emerging markets. 

So we are looking at investment strategies from the point of view of real deployment scenarios, in the real kind of a situations operators find themselves in, that are not the same as every other operator in the world. And how do they make the right trade offs? There are always trade offs in how to properly invest. 

We have a great base of data that we are building this on and doing much more new research going forward looking at: 

  • How should operators take advantage of and build on a physical plant that is their greatest asset?
  • How can they push on and extend their fibre reach through access and backhaul?
  • How do they build out the wireless network?  
  • What does it mean to continue to add coverage and capacity? 
  • What does it mean to deal with the need for a micro cells to deal with unregulated spectrum? 

5G - the next generation of networking

All these issues are part of this move or desire to go to yet another generation of networking. 

As we do our research, we are looking at the range of these investment decisions.

How do operators invest in a fixed side of the network? How do operators invest in the wireless side of the network?  

Analysys Mason is also looking at other related investment decisions such as investments in spectrum, and also things that operators don't need to invest in because other people have already made investments, and they can take advatnage of and use these kinds of investments. 

So our research is looking at these kinds of things, targeting the needs of people within network operators who are making these investment decisions, and investment trade offs, as they try to make the best investments they can this year and the next and the moves they'll be making towards a future 5G network.