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GDPR compliance, an opportunity for telecoms operators to deliver enhanced customer experience

Justin van der Lande Principal Analyst, Research

"Telecoms operators across Europe can use GDPR as an opportunity to extend their investments to new systems and processes in order to enhance the trust and experience of their customers."


GDPR compliance white paper

Telecoms operators in Europe are working towards implementing new systems and processes across their businesses to ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that became applicable on 25 May 2018. GDPR has implications for all operators that operate or serve users in the European Union (EU) and hold or process the data of an individual. Moreover, similar regulations are being adopted in other world regions. For telecoms operators, this means that any data that can identify an individual has to be obtained with the explicit consent of the individual, and multiple consents are required if the data is needed for multiple purposes. Telecoms operators and their suppliers are taking initiatives to ensure compliance with GDPR. However, now that regulation is in force, the impact of both regulation and operation initiatives are becoming clear, including both the challenges and the opportunities that such regulations offer to telecom operators. Analysys Mason’s research, including primary interviews, highlights that operators across Europe are taking initiatives to ensure compliance with GDPR. Leading operators across Europe have been vocal about their plans to ensure full compliance with GDPR and have deployed data protection officers (DPOs) across their operating properties. To ensure continued compliance, operators are enabling active participation of DPOs in discussions relating to the launch of new products or services where customer data needs to be collected. Our research also highlights that only a few operators are planning to extend their initiatives beyond the purpose of compliance –that is, only a few operators are embracing this as an opportunity to transform the way their business is run, and to develop a deeper relationship with their customers. To make the most of this opportunity, Analysys Mason recommends that operators leverage technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate processes that will allow them to meet scalable demand from individuals and regulatory authorities.