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On the cusp of change: customer engagement crucial to CSP digital transformation success

John Abraham Principal Analyst, Research

"CSPs that want to become digital service providers (DSPs) must have an exceptional customer engagement model."

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Digital transformation white paperThe Internet era has triggered a massive shift in the telecoms industry resulting in strong competition, declining voice revenues and dramatic growth of data consumption.  Communications service providers (CSPs) are pressured to improve their user experience while also navigating the complexities of interlinking their legacy platforms to provide a consistent interface. Establishing an effective customer engagement model in the midst of the evolving digital economy landscape is critical for CSPs to ensure they are not bypassed in the value chain.

CSPs have retained some inherent advantages such as existing customer relationships and network infrastructure that give them invaluable leverage to become an indispensable part of the digital economy world order. In order to do this, however, CSPs need to undergo a digital transformation and make significant changes to how they engage with their customers.

This thought leadership white paper focuses on the significance of exceptional customer engagement and provides a brief overview of how CSPs could innovate on customer engagement and experience.