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Anatomy of a digital service provider 2025

"Telecoms operators worldwide are actively exploring ways to defend against the competitive threats of digital economy players."

White Paper Digital Service Provider

This white paper examines how communication service providers (CSPs) can position themselves to be the business platform providers of the future.

The Internet era has triggered a massive shift in the telecoms industry resulting in strong competition, declining voice revenue and dramatic growth in data consumption.

Telecoms operators worldwide are exploring ways to defend against the competitive threats of digital economy players, while capitalising on their strengths and network infrastructure to become a more-integrated part of the digital economy.

This is driving operators to transform themselves from simple CSPs into digital service providers.

Becoming a digital service provider is 'critically important'

In a recent survey by Analysys Mason, every CSP reported that the transition to becoming a digital service provider is 'critically important' to their future – and over half said that they are well on their way towards that transformation.

This evolution is forming a new innovation platform that will provide individuals, groups, end-user devices, suppliers and consumers with unprecedented capabilities for communications, information and control.

Key to these changes is the evolution of the services layer that currently provides value-added services into a new service-enablement cloud.

What is a digital service provider?

Analysys Mason defines a digital service provider as an entity that:

  • has customer interactions mostly online, mediated by software
  • lets customers interact through channels of their choice and provides customers with real-time information about the status of their services and account
  • allows customers real-time control of the characteristics of their service.

 Anatomy of a digital service provider

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