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We developed a long-term plan for radio frequency usage for the UAE regulator

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The problem

  • As part of its future strategy planning, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of the UAE (TRA) wanted to prepare a UAE Spectrum Outlook (2020–2025), based on a review of current spectrum use, a review of international trends and analysis of longer-term market needs in the UAE, to reflect the rapid evolution of wireless technologies and future demand for spectrum
  • Analysys Mason was commissioned by the TRA to undertake a study to help develop the UAE Spectrum Outlook (2020–2025)

The solution

  • We divided our support into three main components:
    • a study of spectrum utilisation in the UAE, including analysis of current uses, demands and technology trends
    • a study of spectrum efficiency, covering an analysis of the efficiency of current spectrum allocation in the UAE, and alternative uses
    • a UAE Spectrum Outlook (2020–2025), bringing together the conclusions of the utilisation and efficiency studies and making recommendations for future spectrum strategy
  • We conducted a comprehensive review of frequencies from 30MHz to 94GHz, i.e. the frequencies allocated in the TRA’s current National Frequency Plan (NFP)
    • our review was based on the NFP, the TRA regulations for different categories of radio systems, data on spectrum authorisations issued in the UAE for these systems, global trends and technological developments, ITU-R study questions and WRC agenda items
    • we assessed 12 categories of radio systems (see below) defined by the TRA

Figure: Categorisation of radio services and systems that are subject to TRA national regulations


The result

  • We provided the TRA with a comprehensive spectrum roadmap; the TRA published the UAE Spectrum Outlook (2020–2025) in February 2020