Fon’s Wi-Fi SON technology: an opportunity to improve the quality of Wi-Fi in the UK

05 November 2018 | Research

Case study | PPTX and PDF (7 slides) | Fixed Broadband Services| Next-Generation Wireless Networks

"Partnering with Fon will enable British CSPs to focus on Wi-Fi services and performance in order to increase customer satisfaction and reduce churn."

As the British fixed broadband market shifts toward high-speed FTTH and quad-play packages, communications service providers (CSPs) must remember that customer perception is often governed by the speed of the services delivered to their devices. For this, a good Wi-Fi quality of experience is imperative. In a competitive market, CSPs cannot get complacent with the performance of access points (APs), and must take steps to ensure the delivery of a good connectivity experience.

This case study provides:

  • an overview of the British broadband market
  • an overview of the business challenges and key drivers for CSPs that are partnering with Fon
  • an analysis of the key benefits that a CSP partnership with Fon can deliver.


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