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COVID-19 scenarios for operator business services revenue: worldwide forecast 2019–2024

26 May 2020 | Research

Catherine Hammond

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Operators’ revenue from business services could decline in 2020 by up to 9% due to the impact of COVID-19. This varies significantly by service and geographical region and in the long-term we expect to see an increase in revenue for certain services.

This data annex expands on the global and regional analysis provided in COVID-19 scenarios for telecoms operator service revenue: worldwide forecasts 2019–2024.


We built three COVID-19 scenarios around different GDP forecasts based on third-party data: mild, moderate and severe. We quantified the impact of each scenario on telecoms operator business revenue for business services including fixed and mobile voice and data, unified communications, security and other cloud services. These forecasts explore the impact on the revenue and subscriber base for operators.

Geographical coverage

Central and Eastern Europe


Western Europe

  • France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK

Developed Asia–Pacific

Emerging Asia–Pacific

  • China

Latin America

North America

Middle East and North Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa


Business services included

Mobile handset Mobile broadband Mobile IoT connectivity
Fixed voice Fixed broadband Dedicated connections
Unified communications and hosted voice Security Colocation and hosting
SaaS PaaS  


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