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Consumer 5G use cases: operator strategies for virtual reality video

23 October 2020 | Research

Martin Scott Alex Boisot

Strategy report | PPTX and PDF (19 slides) | Video, Gaming and Entertainment

"Operators should establish a strategy for monetising the growing consumer interest in VR video, one of several key use cases for 5G."


5G enhances the opportunity for operators to generate both direct and indirect revenue from virtual reality (VR) video, primarily as a value-added service in the short term. This report qualifies the market opportunity for VR video on demand content and for streaming live events such as sports and concerts in VR.

This report answers the following questions.

  • Can operators monetise the growing consumer interest in, and vendor advancement of, VR video?
  • Does 5G allow operators to play a unique role in the VR video value chain?
  • How much revenue can operators generate from VR video services and what is the breakdown into device, direct service and indirect service revenue?
  • What does the value chain for VR video and live event streaming over VR look like, and what role do operators play?
  • How are early-moving operators using VR video to sell 5G?

Operator retail revenue from mobile VR-video-related devices and services, worldwide, 2020–2025



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