Business survey 2019: Germany country report

06 November 2019 | Research

Survey report | PPTX and PDF (9 slides) | SME Services| Enterprise Services

"Telekom leads in fixed and mobile network quality in Germany but lags behind its competitors in terms of pricing and customer service; it should address these shortcomings to protect its position, particularly in the fixed market."

Analysys Mason interviewed almost 3000 businesses across 10 countries in 1Q 2019 about their usage and providers of telecoms and ICT services, and their satisfaction with these services. 304 of these businesses were in Germany. This report provides the key findings relating to Germany and analyses how it compares to other countries. It covers fixed and mobile services, cloud, security, and IoT. The report also highlights the key implications for operators.

This report provides:

  • Net Promoter Scores for fixed and mobile operators
  • data on satisfaction levels for the various services aspects for each of the major fixed and mobile operators
  • data on cloud penetration growth and the potential for fixed operators to provide cloud services
  • analysis of the state of cyber security in Germany
  • analysis of the potential for operators to enter the ICT market
  • data on the state of IoT deployment and development in Germany
  • data on routes to market for fixed, mobile and IoT services
  • discussion of the key implications for operators.


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