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Opex efficiency strategies for CSPs and vendors

05 November 2020 | Research

Caroline Gabriel Michela Venturelli

Strategy report | PPTX and PDF (23 slides) | Operator Investment Strategies

"Ambitious automation and co-investment programmes could lead to a cumulative opex reduction of USD500 billion in the coming decade."


Rising competition, massive new network build-outs and the COVID-19 pandemic have put unprecedented pressure on communications service providers (CSPs) to reduce operating costs. This report examines the strategies that will deliver the biggest savings in the period to 2026, and recommends ways to mitigate the risks by co-operating with partners.

This report answers the following questions.

  • Are CSPs’ capex/opex/revenue ratios changing and why?
  • How will automation and virtualisation affect CSPs’ staff levels, productivity and overall costs?
  • Will a wider range of organisations be involved in the running and funding of telecoms networks in the 2020s through sharing and hosting?
  • Will opportunities arise for vendors as a result of their customers’ cost-cutting programmes?
  • How do CSPs’ business models and approaches to network ownership affect their opex strategies?

Overview of the multiple ways in which CSPs can reduce opex



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