Enterprise survey 2017: United Arab Emirates country report

05 September 2017 | Research

Strategy report | PPTX and PDF (14 slides) | SME Services| Enterprise Services

"Competition between the two operators in the UAE is increasing as du gains ground in the enterprise market."

The high level of churn reported in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) suggests that du is increasing its share of enterprise subscribers. Satisfaction with fixed services in the UAE is among the highest for the countries included in our 2017 enteprise survey. Operators have the potential to leverage this positive relationship with enterprises to advance their share in ICT services, which is currently limited and lags behind other high-income nations.

This report provides:

  • Net Promoter Scores (NPSs) and intended churn rates for the UAE and selected countries
  • data on usage of ICT services in the UAE
  • discussion of the IoT market in the UAE and selected countries
  • recommendations on how operators can improve customer satisfaction and increase their market shares in ICT and IoT services
  • data on usage of mobile and ICT services by enterprises in the UAE and selected countries.

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