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Enterprise survey 2017: ICT services for large enterprises

04 July 2017 | Research

Terry van Staden

Strategy report | Large Enterprise Emerging Service Opportunities

"Operators will need to improve the quality of their traditional connectivity services  if they are to capitalise on the opportunity to provide ICT services to large enterprises."

Many operators are facing flat or falling enterprise revenue, and enterprises are becoming more interested in ICT services, such as security and cloud. This report explores the adoption and levels of interest in these services among large enterprises and is based on our survey of over 500 large enterprises in eight countries.

This report provides:

  • statistics on the use of, and interest in, various ICT services by large enterprises
  • data on telecoms operators' share of the ICT market
  • analysis of the correlation between customer satisfaction and the likelihood of selling ICT services to large enterprises
  • recommendations for operators on how to capitalise on the potential in this market.

USD 1499

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