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Pricing broadband services to attract small and medium-sized enterprises

29 September 2020 | Research

Eileen Zimbler

Strategy report | PPTX and PDF (10 slides) | SME Strategies

"Operators should design business broadband services to support their ability to upsell other services and solutions to businesses."


Residential broadband services that are comparable to (but are typically lower-priced than) business broadband offerings, have eroded the premium that operators are able to charge to enterprises. To mitigate against this, operators are taking one of three approaches, either building subscription volume with comparable pricing, offering premium contracts that include value-added features or services, or building value in the contracts by upselling additional business solutions.

This report:

  • assesses the approaches taken by selected operators to attract enterprise customers to their business broadband products and retain them
  • examines the areas of differentiation, including:
    • usage caps
    • download/upload speeds
    • bundling of service and support
    • SLAs for fixed/mobile, cloud and ICT services.


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