Media transaction support

There is significant media-related transactions requiring specialist support including: 

  • Media players securing access to content.
  • Media players leading consolidation at several points in the value chain – producers, TV channels, cable service providers, satellite operators, etc.
  • Selective inroads by private equity and investors in broadcasting towers, cable and content rights.

How we can help

Analysys Mason delivers commercial and technical due diligence support for both the buyer and seller side, across the whole value chain.

Commercial due diligence

  • Market assessment
  • Competition assessment
  • Revenue build up and projections
  • Regulatory landscape.

 Technical due diligence

  • Assessing company assets
  • Assessing networks capability
  • Assessing growth and maintenance CAPEX etc.

Focused transaction support 

  • Assessment of mergers, analysis of synergies to be gained etc.
  • Market reviews
  • Risk assessment
  • Business planning support for different types of assets across the value chai.

We provide transaction support services across the entire media value chain:

  • Rights owners (e.g. football, motor racing...)
  • Production companies
  • Commercial TV channels
  • Pay-TV channels
  • New TV players – OTT
  • Pay-TV retailers – satellite TV, cable TV, DTT, IPTV, mobile TV
  • TV distributors – a satellite operators, satellite service providers, broadcasting towers
  • Vendors – manufacturers of set-top boxes and receivers.

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