Digital services

Supporting telecoms operators and financial institutions to identify the value of, and move into, the digital space.

Analysys Mason is conducting a wide range of strategic and transaction advisory projects to support telecoms operators and financial institutions in identifying the value of moving into the digital space.

Incumbent strategy projects: telecoms operators, media companies and vendors

Digital payment strategies: Conceptualised the commercial and technical digital payment (e-commerce, m-payments, and digital currency) strategy for mobile operators in South East Asia.

Digital payments M&A: Supported a regional telecoms operator in the due diligence of a mobile payments provider in India.

Advertising: Devised a gowth strategy for a European publisher in its online advertising business.

IoT market sizing: Produced three reports on the Internet of Things (IoT) in Asia–Pacific, Latin America and the Middle East and North Africa for an international industry association. 

IoT regulation: Assessed the impact of spectrum regulatory frameworks on the development of M2M/IoT services. 

Smart cities: Explored the different operating models adopted by smart cities, key smart-city services deployed, the benefits they hope to deliver, and the technologies, standards and suppliers used to support them in a white paper for Huawei.

Strategy projects for Internet services companies 

Global connectivity improvement: Supported Facebook to research and jointly write its State of Connectivity 2015 report to assess why 4.1 billion people do not use the Internet.

Data-driven innovation: Ground-breaking study for Google on innovations relating to user data and their impact on the Singapore and Japanese economy.  

E-commerce: Develop best practice for creating and running a successful e-commerce site in India for an global Internet service provider.

Content: Regulatory review for a global online content provider on how online audio-visual content is regulated in ten countries. 

Advertising/digital identity: Strategy and investment case for a player in the digital advertising market and a new entrant in the emerging digital identity market in the UK.

Internet transaction advisory experience 

Ecommerce: Due diligence of an ecommerce company that operates worldwide by assessing the global growth prospect and evaluating the business model.

Local services: Market assessment of the local media and local services space in Indonesia and detailed follow-up assessment of key players in the segments.

Travel: Assessment of the travel market (airlines and hotels) in the MENA region.

Advertising: Due diligence of a global digital advertising company’s business model, and ad-tech industry trend profiling.

Classifieds: Value chain analysis for a consumer Internet company with operations in India and the Middle East.

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