Market analysis

Market analysis can help you to determine the attractiveness of a market and understand the evolving threats and opportunities as they relate to the strengths and weaknesses of your organisation. It is a core component of any business planning strategy.

We offer robust and innovative market analysis and competitor intelligence that will provide you with increased visibility of your target market. In supporting our clients, we are able to draw upon research methodologies that are valued across the industry for their rigour and the innovative design of our analytical frameworks and delivery models. We will then work with you to develop a clear set of practical recommendations.

The following are examples of projects we have completed.

  • For a Tier 1 mobile operator, we carried out a benchmark of consumer cloud use cases in 15 countries and sized the consumer cloud opportunity, which helped to shape the client's value propositions throughout its footprint.
  • On behalf of a mobile operator in Latin America, provided a benchmark of digital terrestrial TV (DTT) markets in ten countries. The research included analysis of DTT business models, pay DTT offerings, transmission networks and regulation.
  • For a global solutions provider, we analysed the market for next-generation user and service data management to determine the future market opportunity and to better understand the relative strength of its current and potential competitors.
  • For a global satellite services provider, conducted a comprehensive market analysis to qualify and quantify demand for a satellite M2M product.

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  • Mobile capex: worldwide trends and forecasts 2017–2025

    This report is a comprehensive forecast of mobile operator capex and provides an invaluable view of 5G deployments. Mobile operator capex will remain flat until 2021 as few operators will deploy 5G on a large scale and many others will come to the end of their 4G investments. After this, it will grow as operators start to invest and prepare for the next phase of standalone 5G.

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  • Sigfox accounts for fewer LPWA deployments than NB-IoT and LoRaWAN, but the company is finding its niche

    NB-IoT and LoRaWAN have become the most popular LPWA network of choice for established operators, but Sigfox is being adopted by start-ups in underserved IoT markets. This article examines the trends in LPWA networks and is based on Analysys Mason's quarterly 'LPWA network index' tracker.

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