How to buy

You can benefit from our expertise and insights by subscribing to a programme or buying a specific report. You can also purchase customised research and analyst engagement.


A subscription contract offers clients access to one or more programmes for one year. Within a 12-month cycle, each programme will have a set number of deliverables (outputs), such as reports, articles and trackers. Clients have the flexibility to choose which specific programme or combination of programmes will best suit their needs or interests.

Single-copy purchases

We understand that you may not want an entire year’s worth of output from a research programme. By purchasing a specific report for a one-off fee, you can watch your budget and select the content that is most pertinent to your needs. Many of the programme deliverables are available to buy online in our Knowledge Centre.

Custom research

Analysys Mason’s Custom Research team undertake specialised, bespoke research projects for clients. The division offers tailored investigations and answers complex questions on markets, competitors and services with customised industry intelligence and insights.

All of our research is coupled with complimentary phone and email support from the analysts, as well as all the underlying raw data, so you can undertake your own analysis, and see how we formulated our opinions.

Analyst engagement

We provide ongoing analyst support for our reports and research deliverables to all our clients, free of charge. However, in some cases, regular, fast-response access to our analysts may be required, to provide further depth on related topics or on the specific implications of our findings.

Analyst engagement hours offer the opportunity to tap into our analyst team for further drill-downs specifically for your company, on key market questions, delivered via quick turnaround written responses, discussions, presentations, webinars or white papers.

Analyst engagement hours can be purchased as an add-on component to a subscription contract.


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