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Digital Infrastructure Strategies

Analysys Mason's Digital Infrastructure Strategies research programme helps clients to understand the impact of the transformation of the network into digital infrastructure. The programme covers emerging trends and technologies such as network function virtualisation (NFV), software-defined networking (SDN), cloud-native computing and open-source software. It monitors the evolution of the network towards a digital network and operations platform (DNOP) and the adoption of 'digital' behaviours, including DevOps, 'automate-first mindset' and cloud-native platform thinking as requirements for reinventing the network as digital infrastructure.

The programme provides analysis that enables clients to embrace the network as digital infrastructure and to minimise the challenges related to this shift. Our research includes competitive analyses, forecasts, roadmaps and business case analyses for the key components of digital infrastructure: NFV, SDN and cloud computing. It helps clients to make sense of network transformation and the potential value chain disruption it entails, understand the benefits and adopt best practices.

Key Themes

  • The digital network and operations platform (DNOP). The concept of a DNOP is increasingly well-understood but the market needs guidance on the steps needed to achieve it and the principles it should follow in creating/procuring potential DNOP components.
  • Edge computing. Digital infrastructure needs to be extended to the edge of the network (central offices, base stations) to support network virtualisation effectively and 5G use cases, creating a new set of architectural challenges.
  • Open SDN ecosystem. Edge computing, enterprise networking requirements and 5G are putting pressure on traditional networking infrastructure to disaggregate, opening up opportunities for new market entrants with open SDN components.
  • Open-source adoption. Open-source components are fundamental to digital infrastructure and key to DNOP, but require software mastery; the industry is struggling with the cost models, culture, organisation and skills to exploit them.
  • Benchmarking and case studies. Communications service providers (CSPs) are making slow progress in transforming their networks into digital infrastructure, but the leaders clearly have best practices to share with others, which we will capture in case studies and other benchmarks.

Programme Head Gorkem Yigit

Gorkem Yigit Senior Analyst | Research
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