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Video and Identity Platforms

Analysys Mason’s Video and Identity Platforms research focuses on the intersection of digital and network transformations. The programme analyses the requirements of new video services and related identity management to support proper personalisation and monetisation, and translates these requirements into the changes needed in video management, optimisation and delivery solutions. We identify key digital identity management market verticals, the optimal platform approach and business models that will help operators to assert themselves in the digital economy value chain.

Key Themes

  • OTT video delivery: analysing the rise of live and on-demand streamed content delivery in the OTT/multi-screen space, assessing the options for operators to adapt and examining key video management capabilities to ensure high quality, reliable OTT/multi-screen video streaming services.
  • Video service ecosystems: establishing approaches for integrating and converging third-party OTT video propositions into operators' services, and analysing how operators can use unified search and identity to maintain control in these partnerships.
  • 5G edge clouds and mobile video delivery: examining the role of mobile CDN/optimisation solutions in enabling 5G edge clouds and related services.
  • Common data layer: tracking the evolution of subscriber data management (SDM) solutions to support NFV/SDN-based 5G network services and their orchestration and automation.
  • Digital identity management: sizing digital identity management opportunities and identifying key market verticals, use cases and best practices for operators and their suppliers for the next 5 years.

Programme Head Gorkem Yigit

Gorkem Yigit Senior Analyst | Research