“Masters of digital experience”: top 5 telecoms operators revealed in Analysys Mason’s Digital Experience Index (DXi)

02 June 2017

Press release

AT&T, Etisalat, Singtel, Swisscom and Telefónica Group have been commended for the exceptional, modern digital experience they provide to their consumer customers and named as "masters of digital experience" in Analysys Mason's latest Digital eXperience Index (DXi).

The Digital eXperience Index (DXi) measures how "digitised" the user experience is when a consumer investigates, buys from or interacts with a telecoms operator.

The DXi reviewed more than 50 operators worldwide to assess their competitive positions and to help operators understand how to enhance the digital experience that they provide to their customers.

Operators are scored according to the maturity of system functions in six categories, from having nothing but a basic self-care application for viewing bills and usage information, etc. all the way up to full customer control via automated user interfaces and complex event processing.

The seven levels of scoring criteria include:

  • automation (virtual agents, complex event processing) – providing a rich set of information and control to customers through the use of AI and analytics
  • unified omni-channel support – supporting all the channels, from call centres to self-service, with consistent, personalised information and user experience
  • advanced support (in-app chat, web-to-chat, chat-to-voice) – providing new digital channels to customers who want to use them
  • personalised offers – offering customers the goods and service mixes that would be of most interest to them, personally
  • basic or advanced self-service app – a mobile app with a rich set of capabilities
  • support on social media – offering these new channels to customers.

"Providing a modern digital experience is considered by all operators as critical to their competitive position in the future – especially among young and increasingly tech-savvy consumers whose expectations are being shaped by the newer players such as Alibaba, Amazon and Facebook," says Larry Goldman, Head of Telecoms Software and Networks and Partner at Analysys Mason.

"The leaders are leaders not because of size, but because they have made a decision, and then expertly implemented it, to differentiate themselves on the basis of modern, digital customer service," explains Dr Mark H. Mortensen, Research Director and Head of Digital Experience research at Analysys Mason.

Analysys Mason's Digital Experience research programme provides communication service providers (CSPs) with knowledge of the state-of-the-art technology in customer experience management (CEM) and modern digital experience and analysis of what is working (and what is not).

Our research also helps vendors to understand the competitive landscape, target investments and how to position products and services.

In addition, the programme provides a practical understanding of how CEM can help CSPs to increase their Net Promoter Score (NPS) and decrease churn.

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