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Operators should target micro enterprises in order to grow enterprise revenue

Catherine Hammond, Principal Analysst at Analysys Mason talks to Capacity Media about how smaller enterprises, rather than larger ones, will provide a key growth opportunity for driving telco revenue growth.                                                     

In the article, Catherine says that micro enterprises will be significant contributors to sustaining and growing enterprise revenue for operators in all regions.

Research from Analysys Mason shows that at a global level, operator revenue from traditional enterprise voice and data services is in decline. Significant growth opportunities still exist in emerging markets, but will    gradually diminish as penetration approaches saturation.

Micro enterprises (organisations with fewer than 10 employees) will be significant contributors to sustaining and  growing enterprise revenue in all regions.

Analysys Mason estimates that micro enterprises currently account for 40% of global employment  but less than 20% of operators’ enterprise retail revenue.

Click here for the full article in Capacity Media.


Enterprise survey 2017 results for Western Europe

Tom Rebbeck, Research Director at Analysys Mason and Head of the Enterprise and IoT research programme, and Terry van Staden, Enterprise Analyst discuss the results of our survey of 1600 enterprises across 8 countries focussing on highlights from our Western Europe enterprise report and how results for these countries compare with the other high-income countries in our survey.

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