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We’ve highlighted six factors as to why our current employees joined and are continuing their careers with Analysys Mason. There are many more reasons too, which you’ll find out during your application process and beyond!


  • 35+ years of shaping the industry
  • 2300+ projects in the past 5 years
  • Portfolio of 30+ global research programmes and database for more than 80 countries

Project types

  • Balance between strategy and analysis
  • Short assignments = variety
  • Small teams = involvement and exposure


  • We offer competitive salaries and attractive benefits tailored to each of our international offices

International exposure

  • Cross-office project teams
  • International pool of consultants, analysts and offices
  • Projects in 140+ countries


  • Attendance at all major industry events
  • 24000+ reports accessed by 230+ industry players


  • 1000+ clients and subscribers in the past 5 years
  • Projects with all the main players of the industry