We have decades of experience in building robust research frameworks and generating relevant insights based on primary research data. Our excellent reputation has allowed us to, over time, expand our primary research capabilities to now include a full portfolio of methods that generate timely and relevant market insights and strategy recommendations for our clients. 

Our vast experience in developing complex primary research frameworks enables us to approach the right target audiences, ask the right questions and ultimately deliver on the project objectives. One of our key strengths as a business is our ability to derive relevant insights from primary research data for our clients. We have both highly quantitative experts (in-house statisticians) as well as very senior experts in technology, media, and telecoms (TMT); policy; enterprises and small-to-medium businesses. These experts are able to conduct complex statistical analyses, build large market models, analyse data, and identify patterns and trends – translating all this into market-leading insight.

For instance, our primary research-driven insights have enabled regulatory bodies to revise their policies to reflect new market trends, and ICT vendors to focus their marketing and sales efforts on the most attractive target customers. 

Our methodology for primary research involves: 

  • developing hypotheses
  • designing samples to ensure that our survey and interview sample size and structure reflect our clients’ objectives
  • creating and conducting surveys
  • generating survey and interview guides and questionnaires
  • designing focus groups.

Fieldwork is an important part of our primary research offering. To deliver consumer, small-to-medium business and enterprise online surveys as well as large executive-interview programmes, we partner with the best agencies including: 

  • Azure Knowledge
  • Aranca
  • SG Analytics.

While our fieldwork partners deliver solid results, we believe that additional quality control is crucial to any primary research, especially for a consulting engagement. We conduct quality control across a range of deliverables, such as: 

  • checking questionnaire translations
  • testing survey links
  • developing syntax for data integrity checks
  • analysing trends to identify potential outliers.

Our research and insights are used to help technology vendors serving enterprises and small-to-medium businesses; telecoms vendors and operators; regulators and other industry bodies to understand market trends to a high degree of accuracy and offer well-suited products, communicate to their customers in a more targeted way, and design relevant policies. 


Meet the team

Hugues-Antoine Lacour


Martin Scott

Research Director

Stela Bokun

Partner, expert in strategy