Analysys Mason has in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of ‘customer and operational excellence’. We consistently and reliably help telecoms operators, IT service providers and large enterprises with the planning and execution of business strategy.

Today, smart sensors, cloud IT, automation, robotisation and block chain are widely available, disrupting the way operations are managed. By combining traditional experience in operational excellence with new data sources and tools, we enable our clients to reach their goals. 

Analysys Mason’s approach to customer and operational excellence is based on a three-step process involving: 

  • evaluating the ‘operational status’ of a company
  • proposing cost estimates for necessary improvements 
  • defining and executing improvement activities for the company. 

The key component in this approach is the execution phase, and Analysys Mason’s experienced consultants are experts in delivering on this. This can be a cost transformation with downsizing, outsourcing and offshoring, or it can be the implementation of an operating model with relevant processes, roles and responsibilities to ensure operational excellence.

All organisations rely on high-quality customer experiences and strong operational strategy for sustainable and streamlined success. By establishing an outside-in perspective on the business, we help our clients to optimise the customer journey and ensure that it is valued by their customers, as well as easily see improvement areas for more efficient operations. We ensure that we seek input from all relevant persons in the company to prevent our improvement actions from inadvertently disadvantaging some workers. Analysys Mason leverages decades of relevant experience to save our clients time and money through our thorough assessments leading to effective solutions. 

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Geir Røkke