Companies of all sizes must prepare for a sustainable and secure digital future. This means not only dealing with the challenges of legacy processes and technology but also defining future operating models and the role of new capabilities, including AI. Even the most successful businesses face barriers to implementing and realising the benefits of significant business and technology change.

Analysys Mason has decades of experience in helping clients successfully navigate major transformation and strategic change programmes. Increasingly this also means supporting clients with the ever-developing cyber-security landscape, the introduction of AI capability and the adoption of cloud-based solutions.

Our clients trust us to advise on and run the major aspects of business-critical change programmes, from the planning, management and assurance of BSS and OSS transformations through to post-merger consolidation or cost-reduction programmes. 

Our extensive knowledge and expertise include both the business and IT aspects of transformation so our clients can be confident that systems and processes are implemented and configured to best suit the future needs of the organisation and its end users. Our ability to provide detailed insight into and best practice regarding both the contracting and delivery aspects of these programmes ensures optimal outcomes for clients in terms of costs and the realisation of benefits. 

There is an ever-increasing focus on sustainability and a desire to transition to a zero-carbon future. Our team works with business leaders to show how sustainable processes can ultimately translate into competitive advantage and help prepare businesses for the instability that will come from growing pressure to proactively address climate change.

Business and IT transformation

We have extensive experience of working with clients to define the strategy, approach and business case for critical transformation programmes. This includes both technology and business change strategies and is often brought together under a clearly defined target operating model covering customer journeys, business processes, supplier strategy and selection, and future organisational design.

Senior executives rely on our support throughout the programme lifecycle, from strategy to implementation, for both internal transformations and post-merger challenges.


We are able to assess the digital maturity of client customer and business operations to then help scope, plan and support the implementation of strategic change. We are capable of working across infrastructure, IT and application domains, helping clients understand the true nature of their end-to-end business value chains and technology landscape and helping them to envisage a clear path to a scalable and futureproof end state.

Clients benefit from our experience and expertise in defining and implementing product and service models optimised for a digital and omni-channel future. We also create and manage roadmaps and operational transformations to ensure this digital future is realised.

Cyber security and operational excellence

The cyber-security landscape continues to evolve, and we are able to help clients understand the implications for their business. We work with them to define and implement cyber-security programmes, processes and policies to ensure our customers are prepared and able to protect their business and their customers appropriately.

We combine traditional experience in operational excellence with new datasets and tools to help telecoms, IT service provider and enterprise clients understand the true nature of their business operations. From detailed operational, revenue and cost analysis through to business process alignment and optimisation, we are able to reliably help our customers to define, plan and execute their business strategy.

We recognise that organisation design with a clear understanding of required competence, ways of working and capacity management is as essential as alignment of technology architecture and solution design.

Change and programme management

Analysys Mason has decades of experience helping clients successfully deliver major business and IT change programmes. From scoping, initial set-up and governance through to hands-on project management and delivery, we bring best practice from across industry.

Customers regularly rely on us to ensure effective requirements management and the implementation of a reliable change methodology.

Our Programme Assurance Framework ensures clients receive and are able to maintain an independent view of programme status and key risks. The ability to identify and address issues at an early stage is critical to being able to achieve and maintain confidence in programme outcomes.

Data, BI, Steering and Insight

We support customers with detailed data analysis and data-cleansing requirements, as well as defining and implementing business KPI frameworks. Our expertise includes building models and reporting capability to steer business decisions and maximise data automation.

We can support customers with detailed cost modelling and product and pricing strategy development, and also provide expertise in the development and execution of customer and technical data migration strategy.


Our experience in sustainability assessments (including environmental, social and governance aspects) combined with successful delivery of outcomes-focused programmes for clients means we are ideally placed to support TMT companies on their sustainability journey.

We can help clients define clear sustainability goals and KPIs which reduce business risk and create a more resilient business. Defining and initiating a sustainability change programme ensures clients can report on sustainability milestones (for example, their carbon footprint) and the evolution of products and services in a way which is relevant to both customers and shareholders.