We are experts in undertaking major transformation and strategic change programmes within the telecoms industry.

Our clients trust us to run all major parts of business-critical BSS change programmes. We plan, manage and assure the roll-out of newly integrated BSS (Billing, CRM, Order Management, Product Management and associated systems). Our work is frequently the critical building block in a post-merger integration or a system consolidation or cost reduction programme. 

We have extensive knowledge and expertise of the busy field of business and IT transformation. Our clients can be confident in the fact that we distinguish ourselves with our unrivalled understanding of how these systems function, are best configured for the end users and interact within fast-moving telecoms companies. We provide detailed insights and support to structure effective contracts that are balanced and focused on aligning incentives towards delivery of real benefits rather than merely a software launch. 

Our sustainability consulting practice will help the telecoms industry understand how they can transition to a zero-carbon future. Our team is working with business leaders to show how sustainable processes can ultimately translate into competitive advantage and prepare businesses for the instability that will come from growing political, regulatory and consumer pressure to tackle climate control. 

Business transformation

  • Transformation programme strategy, approach and business case development
  • Transformation scoping, set-up and initiation
  • Business change strategy and planning
  • Target business (operating) model definition
  • Customer journey design
  • Organisational restructuring, sizing and cost transformation
  • Senior executive support
  • Post merger strategy and implementation


  • Digital business optimisation
  • Infrastructure strategy and implementation
  • IT and application strategy and implementation
  • Value chain analysis and development
  • Product and service modelling and definition
  • Omnichannel product and service development
  • RfP support and vendor selection

Operational excellence

  • Operations strategy definition
  • Sourcing strategy definition and contracting
  • Vendor and contract consolidation and management
  • Revenue and cost analysis and optimisation
  • Competence mapping and capacity management
  • Business process alignment and optimisation
  • Business process outsourcing negotiation and transition
  • IT service management
  • Solution design

Change & programme management

  • Programme scoping, set-up and initiation
  • Requirements discovery and management
  • Customer migration strategy and management
  • System and product decommissioning
  • Agile delivery planning and management
  • Change methodology definition and implementation
  • Programme assurance
  • Interim management
  • Senior project and programme management
  • Key workshop moderation and facilitation

Data, BI, Steering & Insight

  • Data analysis and data cleansing
  • Steering models & processes, KPI definition and management
  • Cost modelling & data driven decision making
  • Product & pricing strategy and modelling
  • Data automation and monitoring strategy and implementation of tools and reporting
  • Customer data migration strategy and execution
  • Technical migration strategy and execution

Understanding ‘Sustainability’ and incorporating it into your corporate strategy

  • Defining and initiating a sustainability change programme with meaningful goals and KPIs
  • Making your operations more sustainable, reducing business risk and making your business more resilient.
  • Creating meaningful sustainability goals that your customers will understand and relate to
  • Exploring social sustainability and accessibility within your business, products and customer base
  • Reporting on sustainability milestones, carbon offsetting and the evolution of your products and services offerings