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Telecoms operators could capture USD26 billion from digital services

Enrique Velasco-Castillo, Senior Analyst at Analysys Mason, explains how operators need to invest in acquiring the capabilities to take a larger share of those digital services' value chains if they hope to supplement their revenue from core communications services. 

The article quotes latest research from Analysys Mason that forecasts USD26 billion in revenue from key digital services could be captured by telecoms operators in 2022.

The article points to Analysys Mason's latest report entitled “Digital service opportunities for operators: worldwide trends and forecasts 2017–2022”.

Enrique explains that: “We expect rapid growth in operators’ revenue from the four key digital services analysed in this report: mobile money and payments, mobile commerce, digital advertising and mobile identity management”.

However, Enrique warns that this revenue is not guaranteed.

“Operators need to take firm steps to establish themselves in these services’ value chains. Substantial investments and a long-term innovation strategy are necessary for operators to compete with incumbent players such as banks for financial services, or regional e-commerce leaders," he says.

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