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Digital eXperience Index in APAC: adopting a ‘digital-first’ strategy 13 September 2018

Analysys Mason’s Digital eXperience Index (DXi) research is designed to support operators with their customer engagement and experience transformation initiatives. Following the recently published Digital eXperience Index (DXi) report for Asia–Pacific (APAC), we are keen to share our research in a webinar.

Converged fixed–mobile bundles in emerging markets: opportunities for growth 7 June 2018

In this webinar, we will look at how launching fixed–mobile bundles could provide fixed and mobile operators with opportunities for increasing revenue and subscriber market share.

TV regulation in a digital age 15 May 2018

Analysys Mason and Hogan Lovells are publishing a white paper called 'TV regulation in a digital age'. To mark the launch of the paper, David Abecassis and Michael Kende (Analysys Mason) will join Winston Maxwell (Hogan Lovells) to present its main findings and messages.

Mobile money for operators in emerging markets – critical success factors 16 April 2018

Analysys Mason and Huawei will present on findings from the report Critical success factors for mobile money, which is aimed at helping operators in emerging markets to deliver mobile money services profitably.

Mobile World Congress 2018: key findings and implications 7 March 2018

Analysys Mason's team of analysts discuss their insights on the themes, announcements and innovations emerging from Mobile World Congress 2018.

Future of Telco Video Strategy in Developed Asia-Pacific: A 10-year view 31 January 2018

In this webinar, we will discuss how operators can chart a course to successful telco TV and video propositions.

Beyond the network: delivering security everywhere to everyone all the time 13 December 2017

Join this session presented by Analysys Mason, McAfee and Allot to learn how to deliver security services for mobile, fixed and converged networks.

Network slicing and net neutrality rules in Europe 22 November 2017

In this webinar, we will discuss key topics related to offering network slicing and specialised services following the EU net neutrality regulation.

Less is More: operators must evolve their network and IT monitoring tools towards a unified service assurance platform 16 November 2017

Operators must evolve their network and IT monitoring tools towards a unified service assurance platform.

Service assurance in the era of NFV/SDN: adapting to the evolving hybrid telecommunications network 13 September 2017

Analysys Mason and AssureNow look at how the introduction of NFV and SDN will result in a new hybrid telecommunications networking infrastructure with co-existing physical and virtual network components.

Strategies for success in driving prepaid to postpaid migration in emerging Asia–Pacific 12 September 2017

This webinar highlights what mobile network operators (MNOs) in emerging Asia–Pacific (EMAP) can do to encourage users to migrate from prepaid to postpaid plans.

What are mobile users looking for from their telecoms service providers in developed Asia–Pacific? 5 July 2017

In this webinar, we will present highlights from the Connected Consumer Survey results that explore the behaviour, preferences and future plans of mobile users in developed Asia–Pacific.

Nokia Telco Cloud Index: operator NFV/SDN maturity benchmark 28 June 2017

Analysys Mason and Nokia offer a unique insight into operators' virtualisation (NFV/SDN) strategies and the maturity of their related technology based on data collected from 35 operators worldwide in three phases of the Nokia Telco Cloud index (TCi) study.

Lifecycle service assurance: DevOps-based service assurance for the NFV/SDN era 6 June 2017

Analysys Mason and Spirent discuss a new service assurance approach that communications service providers need to adopt in order to realise the business benefits of network virtualisation in the network function virtualisation/software-defined networking (NFV/SDN) era. 

Building an IoT business: IoT scorecard highlights 31 May 2017

This webinar will focus on the two communications service providers (CSPs) – China Mobile and Vodafone – that ranked highest in Analysys Mason’s IoT scorecard for emerging Asia–Pacific. Both companies have invested heavily in network technologies and IoT capabilities with dedicated IoT business units to drive growth and have a strong presence in multiple sectors.  

Components needed to maximise the 5G opportunity 16 May 2017

In this webinar, we will discuss key topics related to achieving a successful commercialisation of 5G and how to create the right environment for 5G.

What smartphone users really do 10 May 2017

This webinar offers a unique insight into actual smartphone user behaviour, based on data collected from more than 8000 users in Germany, India, the UK and the USA using a passive on-device monitoring app.

Connected Consumer Survey for Emerging Asia-Pacific 23 March 2017

In this webinar, we will present highlights from the Connected Consumer Survey results that explores the behaviour, preferences and future plans of mobile users in Emerging Asia-Pacific.

Connected Consumer Survey for Sub-Saharan Africa 15 March 2017

In this webinar, we will present highlights from the Connected Consumer Survey results that explore the behaviour, preferences and future plans of mobile users in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Mobile World Congress 2017: key findings and implications 8 March 2017

Analysys Mason's team of analysts discuss their insights on the themes, announcements and innovations emerging from Mobile World Congress 2017.

Operator strategies for TV and video: original content, low-budget innovation and strategic priorities 22 February 2017

This webinar discusses how and why leading operators are investing in original content production and securing exclusive deals, and the market conditions that make such tactics likely to succeed commercially.

Disruptive cloud-based software technology: trends, issues and investment opportunities 9 February 2017

In this webinar, Dr Mark H. Mortensen, Research Director and Brian Burns, Principal at Analysys Mason, discuss trends, issues and investment opportunities for disruptive cloud based software technology.

B2B digital experience for CSPs: What now and where next? 31 January 2017

Analysys Mason and Amdocs discuss the findings from Analysys Mason's research on issues, challenges, opportunities and future strategies of the B2B customer experience management systems of communication service providers (CSPs).

Opensource - virtualisation platforms, standards, deployments, RTC 18 January 2017

This webinar will look at the challenges and benefits surrounding the use of open source for virtualised platforms.

Is the gain worth the pain on the journey to telco cloud? 16 November 2016

In this webinar, Analysys Mason, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Intel examine the three phases of CSPs' digital transformation and the complex operational challenges that CSPs face on their journey to telco cloud.

Broadband infrastructure will be key to developing Sub-Saharan Africa’s digital economy 29 September 2016

During this webinar, our experts present key trends in the Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) telecoms market. They discuss the impact of broadband networks and data centres on stimulating the demand for digital economy services, and the role that policy makers and operators can play in improving broadband coverage and the availability of universal services.

IoT: roles for telecoms operators 15 September 2016

In this webinar, Analysys Mason Research Director, Tom Rebbeck discusses the different approaches that operators can take in the Internet of Things (IoT) market.

Data monetisation in emerging Asia–Pacific: operator strategies and recommendations 25 August 2016

In this webinar, analysts Harsh Upadhyay and Kerem Arsal discuss best practices for mobile data pricing and OTT service bundling strategies that have been adopted by operators in emerging Asia–Pacific.

Optimising the hybrid cloud 22 June 2016

Efficient use of hybrid clouds (private, telco and public clouds) enables communication service providers to improve service agility, and even consolidate data centres to reduce their footprint.

The commercial case for fixed and mobile convergence 25 May 2016

This webinar offers an evidence-based, high-level view of fixed-mobile convergence and its impact on APAC telecoms markets today.

Investment opportunities in cloud computing and data centres 18 May 2016

Analysys Mason Principal, Andrew Kloeden discusses opportunities for investors in the data centre and cloud computing sectors, in developed and developing markets.

Mobile World Congress 2016: key findings and implications 1 March 2016

Join Analysys Mason's team of analysts as they discuss their insights on the themes, announcements and innovations emerging from Mobile World Congress 2016 and the implications and opportunities for your business.

Are your mobile customers receiving the experience they demand? 10 February 2016

In this webinar, Analysys Mason and Viavi Solutions will present CSP case studies that combine application-specific QoE and granular location intelligence data that: enhance customer satisfaction for a VoLTE service, optimise costs and performance for an LTE RAN, and identify new revenue sources for data monetisation.

Changing operating models for virtualised networks 21 January 2016

This webinar will examine the impacts of virtualisation on CSPs' operations environments and how they can evolve their systems and processes to implement service agility. It will also discuss virtualisation initiatives and related telecoms software trends in the Asia-Pacific.

vCPE services business case: potentially billions of dollars payback for fixed communication service providers 17 November 2015

In this webinar Analysys Mason and Amdocs are discussing the key findings of Analysys Mason's realistic business case model analysing the quantifiable business benefits of virtual customer premises equipment (vCPE) implementations for developed market communications service providers (CSPs).

Carrier Cloud Transformation - Profitability, Challenges and Strategies 29 October 2015

In this webinar presenters from Nokia and Analysys Mason will examine which operators are committed to the telco cloud, which are in discussion, and what challenges operators face in either phase of migration and deployment.

Virtualisation of the Mobile Network 27 October 2015

This webinar will examine how operators must make radical shifts in their networking approaches and architectures and what role network function virtualisation (NFV) will have in supporting their changing businesses.

NFV-enabled WebRTC: market opportunities and transformation roadmap 10 September 2015

WebRTC and VoLTE can help communications service providers (CSPs) to reverse the decline in voice and messaging revenue, as well as respond to increasing over-the-top (OTT) competition. In this webinar, Analysys Mason and HP identify key WebRTC market opportunities in various digital economy verticals and outline a transformation roadmap for CSPs to capture these opportunities.

Understanding the needs of Asia–Pacific connected consumers 12 May 2015

This webinar is based on the forthcoming Connected Consumer Survey report in Analysys Mason's Asia–Pacific programme. The Asia–Pacific subset of Analysys Mason's global Connected Consumer provides data and insight from the three countries in the region in which the survey was conducted: Indonesia, Malaysia and South Korea.

Become an agile CSP with omni-channel cloud CRM 8 April 2015

For communication service providers (CSPs), increasing operational agility is now a critical imperative. The transition to becoming a digital provider of communications and media services is among the most critical challenges facing CSPs today. In this webinar, Analysys Mason, Salesforce and Vlocity will discuss how CSPs can become modern digital service provider (DSP).

Mobile World Congress 2015: key findings and implications 11 March 2015

Join Analysys Mason's team of analysts as they discuss their insights on the themes, announcements and innovations emerging from Mobile World Congress 2015 and the implications and opportunities for your business.

Digital economy services: anticipating the impact on CSPs’ multi-play strategies 18 February 2015

This exclusive webinar from Analysys Mason and Amdocs looks at how communications service providers are supporting digital economy services, their approach to digital economy multi-play services and how we expect back-end platforms to converge to support services in the future.

Sharpen your marketing and operations with customer and network analytics 14 January 2015

Advances in big data analytics are allowing communications service providers to focus much more effectively on customer experience management. In this webinar, Analysys Mason and Huawei look at how the benefits of analytics can be realised in practice to increase operational effectiveness, improve market segmentation and generate dynamic context-specific offers.

Using big data to change the customer care model 4 November 2014

Traditional methods of customer care focus on applying analytics after a call or contact is made, and are therefore reactive. In this webinar, Analysys Mason and IBM look at recent market changes in delivering a more proactive and cognitive customer care experience, and examines the tools that are becoming available to solve this complex issue.

The global telecoms market: key topics, trends and forecasts 2014–2018 29 October 2014

Telecoms service revenue will reach USD1.8 trillion worldwide by 2018, driven by mobile penetration growth in emerging markets and higher spend on mobile data services in developed regions. In this webinar, Senior Analysts Pablo Iacopino and William Hare present Analysys Mason's latest global telecoms forecasts.

LTE in Asia–Pacific: outlook and monetisation strategies 14 October 2014

LTE is becoming the dominant technology in developed Asia–Pacific, and has emerged as the preferred choice for high-speed broadband in emerging Asia–Pacific. In this webinar, we will illustrate the status and forecast the development of LTE in the region, and provide recommendations on monetising LTE services.

Postal policy and regulation in developing countries 16 September 2014

Following the completion of several postal regulation projects in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, Analysys Mason and Sunflower Associates will present their view of the most relevant issues for defining effective postal policy and regulation in developing countries.