Khoosh Oodhorah

Khoosh is a Manager, specialising in technical strategy, procurement, public-sector broadband interventions, spectrum management, and financial and geographical modelling.

He has a comprehensive knowledge of mobile technologies, including LTE, WiMAX, HSPA, UMTS, CDMA, GSM and TETRA. He has delivered a number of radio planning, coverage and interference analyses, network reviews, technical audits and due diligence projects for regulators and operators. He is also experienced in undertaking cost modelling exercises involving mobile and fixed broadband networks.

Khoosh was a key member of an LTE technical audit project for NBNCo in Australia, and was heavily involved in the development of a technical strategy for a CDMA operator that wished to migrate to future-proofed voice and data technologies. More recently, he provided LTE network procurement support to a Western European mobile operator and reviewed LTE network design for an Asia–Pacific mobile operator.

Since joining Analysys Mason, Khoosh has worked on more than 200 assignments for a wide variety of clients, including fixed and mobile network operators, regulators, funding bodies, utility companies, and central and local government bodies.

He has a Bachelor's degree in Information and Communication Technologies and a Masters in Wireless Communications.