Digital services

Our consultants are helping telecoms operators and financial institutions identify the value of moving into the digital space.

Analysys Mason has conducted a wide range of strategic and transaction advisory projects for clients around the globe in helping them to deliver digital services and find opportunities to monetise data.

Incumbent operator strategy projects: telecoms operators, media companies and vendors

  • Digital payment strategies: Conceptualised the commercial and technical digital payment (e-commerce, m-payments, and digital currency) strategy for mobile operators in South East Asia.
  • Digital payments M&A: Supported a regional telecoms operator in the due diligence of a mobile payments provider in India.
  • Advertising: Devised a gowth strategy for a European publisher in its online advertising business.
  • IoT market sizing: Produced three reports on the Internet of Things (IoT) in Asia–Pacific, Latin America and the Middle East and North Africa for an international industry association. 
  • IoT regulation: Assessed the impact of spectrum regulatory frameworks on the development of M2M/IoT services. 
  • Smart cities: Explored the different operating models adopted by smart cities, key smart-city services deployed, the benefits they hope to deliver, and the technologies, standards and suppliers used to support them in a white paper for Huawei.

Strategy projects for Internet services companies 

  • Global connectivity improvement: Supported Facebook to research and jointly write its State of Connectivity 2015 report to assess why 4.1 billion people do not use the Internet.
  • Data-driven innovation: Undertook a ground-breaking study for Google on innovations relating to user data and their impact on the Singapore and Japanese economy.  
  • E-commerce: Developed best practice for creating and running a successful e-commerce site in India for an global Internet service provider.
  • Content: Undertook a regulatory review for a global online content provider on how online audio-visual content is regulated in ten countries. 
  • Advertising/digital identity: Commissioned to undertake a strategy and investment case for a player in the digital advertising market and a new entrant in the emerging digital identity market in the UK.

Internet transaction advisory experience 

  • Ecommerce: Due diligence of an ecommerce company that operates worldwide by assessing the global growth prospect and evaluating the business model.
  • Local services: Market assessment of the local media and local services space in Indonesia and detailed follow-up assessment of key players in the segments.
  • Travel: Assessment of the travel market (airlines and hotels) in the MENA region.
  • Advertising: Due diligence of a global digital advertising company’s business model, and ad-tech industry trend profiling.
  • Classifieds: Value chain analysis for a consumer Internet company with operations in India and the Middle East.

Articles More articles

  • LPWA technologies: NB-IoT and LoRa were the leaders in 2017
    By Tom Rebbeck | 8 February 2018, Article

    Much of the focus in recent years has been about which of the different LPWA standards will prevail. This article shows that, while LoRa, LTE-M, NB-IoT and Sigfox are all expanding their reach, none is winning as such; operators are increasingly hedging their investments and backing multiple networks.

  • KCOM offers a bold vision of how operators can win cloud revenue
    By Terry van Staden | 7 February 2018, Article

    Given the declining revenue potential in the connectivity market, operators are looking to diversify into new and growing businesses. The cloud market is growing rapidly but is dominated by web-scale firms like AWS and Microsoft, rather than telecoms operators. KCOM has demonstrated one approach for penetrating the cloud market to capitalise on a rapidly expanding service.

    USD 499.00
  • LPWA networks index 1Q 2018
    By Aris Xylouris | 1 February 2018, Data

    Analysys Mason's 'LPWA networks index' tracks low-power, wide-area network launches, and provides information on the technologies used, stage of evolution and coverage. It presents a view of operators' latest initiatives to establish IoT and M2M networks and their choice of technology.

    Subscription required
  • IoT MVNOs: case studies and analysis
    By Michele Mackenzie | 1 February 2018, Strategy report

    This report examines the potential of several IoT MVNOs to compete with operators in winning IoT global connectivity contracts and analyses, through a selection of case studies, their strengths and weaknesses.

    USD 1499.00
  • IoT MVNOs: strategy responses of established operators
    By Tom Rebbeck | 1 February 2018, Strategy report

    IoT focused MVNOs, like Cubic Telecom and Globetouch, have won some eye-catching regional connectivity deals, with customers such as Audi and GM. This report explores how relatively small firms have won these deals, and how connectivity providers can compete for regional and global IoT deals.

    USD 1499.00