Strategies for incumbents: operators, media companies and vendors

Our consultants are specialists in developing strategies for incumbent telecoms operators, media companies and vendors

  • Digital payment strategies: Conceptualised the commercial and technical digital payment (e-commerce, m-payments, and digital currency) strategy for mobile operators in South East Asia.
  • Digital payments M&A: Supported a regional telecoms operator in the due diligence of a mobile payments provider in India.
  • Advertising: Devised a gowth strategy for a European publisher in its online advertising business.
  • IoT market sizing: Produced three reports on the Internet of Things (IoT) in Asia–Pacific, Latin America and the Middle East and North Africa for an international industry association. 
  • IoT regulation: Assessed the impact of spectrum regulatory frameworks on the development of M2M/IoT services. 
  • Smart cities: Explored the different operating models adopted by smart cities, key smart-city services deployed, the benefits they hope to deliver, and the technologies, standards and suppliers used to support them in a white paper for Huawei.

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  • The automotive sector will drive the demand for 5G

    The number of 5G automotive connections will grow to 96 million in 2027, and will account for 72% of all 5G IoT connections (134 million). 5G will support high-bandwidth applications and LTE-M will be deployed to support low-bandwidth services. The comment summaries some of the key findings from our recent forecast of the IoT market.

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  • IoT in the automotive sector: trends and forecast 2018–2027

    The automotive sector represents the largest opportunity for operator IoT revenue growth but is subject to fierce competition. This report presents our forecast for the growth in the number of connections and revenue in this sector, and provides an overview of the technology trends and the challenges faced by operators that are targeting this area.

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  • IoT forecast: connections, revenue and technology trends 2018–2027

    The IoT opportunity for network operators continues to grow. We forecast that the total number of connections will increase to 5.4 billion in 2027 although a high degree of uncertainty still exists for some LPWA use cases. Connectivity revenue will increase to USD213 billion by 2027 but is subject to increasing competition. ARPC erosion will be significant over the forecast period. This report outlines the technology trends, sector shares and the revenue trajectories for cellular and LPWA connectivity in the IoT market.

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