Internet transaction advisory expertise

Our consultants have extensive Internet transaction advisory experience. 

Recent projects have included:

  • Ecommerce: Due diligence of an ecommerce company that operates worldwide by assessing the global growth prospect and evaluating the business model.
  • Local services: Market assessment of the local media and local services space in Indonesia and detailed follow-up assessment of key players in the segments.
  • Travel: Assessment of the travel market (airlines and hotels) in the MENA region.
  • Advertising: Due diligence of a global digital advertising company’s business model, and ad-tech industry trend profiling.
  • Classifieds: Value chain analysis for a consumer Internet company with operations in India and the Middle East.

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  • SME bundling: strategies for operators

    Terry van Staden, enterprise analyst and Tom Rebbeck, Director of Enterprise and IoT at Analysys Mason talk through the findings from our recent report on SME bundling strategies for operators: building an ICT portfolio for SMEs

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  • Acquisition case studies: analysis of enterprise acquisitions by telecoms operators

    Acquisitions can be an effective means of penetrating the ICT market and serve a wide range of purposes; they help operators to acquire new business and gain the people and products required to become ICT providers. This reports analyses the reasons behind operators' acquisitions and considers the implications for other operators considering similar investments.

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  • Wireless networks tracker 1Q 2018

    Updated on a regular basis, the 'Wireless networks tracker' allows you to search up-to-date information on network deployments by region, country, operator, network technology, licence and launch date, as well as coverage information. The tracker features both GSM and CDMA operators, and includes deployments of HSPA, HSPA+, LTE and LTE-A.

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