Strategies for Internet services companies

Our consultants have undertaken numerous strategy projects for Internet services companies.

Our work has most recently included:

  • Global connectivity improvement: Supported Facebook to research and jointly write its State of Connectivity 2015 report to assess why 4.1 billion people do not use the Internet.
  • Data-driven innovation: Undertook a ground-breaking study for Google on innovations relating to user data and their impact on the Singapore and Japanese economy.  
  • E-commerce: Developed best practice for creating and running a successful e-commerce site in India for an global Internet service provider.
  • Content: Undertook a regulatory review for a global online content provider on how online audio-visual content is regulated in ten countries. 
  • Advertising/digital identity: Commissioned to undertake a strategy and investment case for a player in the digital advertising market and a new entrant in the emerging digital identity market in the UK.

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  • The impact of new wholesale FTTH models

    New wholesale-focused FTTH operators are disrupting the fixed broadband market. They are increasingly well-funded, have no legacy to defend and enter the market with new kinds of access offers. This report analyses the market and indicates how operators could adapt to the new landscape.

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  • Fixed–mobile convergence quarterly metrics 2Q 2018

    Fixed–mobile convergence is a growing, if not well-established, trend in many European telecoms markets. As the importance of fixed–mobile bundling grows, so does the importance of understanding operator performance and country differences. This quarterly metrics dataset provides the number of fixed–mobile accounts, associated SIMs and revenue by operator for 11 European countries.

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  • Case study: Verizon’s 5G mmWave fixed–wireless deployment and commercial service launch

    Verizon is the first operator in the world to launch a 5G mmWave fixed–wireless access offer. This case study provides an overview of Verizon's motivation and plans for the deployment and looks at how the outlook for 5G mmWave fixed–wireless access is different in the USA to that elsewhere.

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