Analysys Mason event

European Telecoms Summit 2018

Arrival, registration and refreshments
Welcome and introduction to the European Telecoms Summit 2018
Presenter: Fiona Glennon, Managing Director, Analysys Mason Research
  • Summit introduction
  • Overview of the telecoms, media and technology market in Europe
The case for 5G: where are we really?
Presenters: Dana Cooperson, Research Director
  • The total cost of ownership (TCO) savings justification: fact or fiction?
  • The truth about cloud-RAN
  • Beyond the hype and R15: delivering business benefits
  • Network slicing: R16, use cases and vertical market requirements
Coffee break
Digital transformation: implementation and tangible business benefits
Presenters: Larry Goldman, Partner, Head of Networks and Software Research
  • Towards a clear definition of digital transformation: progression framework with four key elements
  • What is best practice? What have leading operators done already or what do they expect to do in these four key areas?
  • What measurable business benefits do operators expect, and what are the measurable financial and operational impacts to date?
  • What can be achieved: capex and opex forecasts.
  • Will digitalisation actually be financially transformational?
Enterprise opportunities beyond connectivity
Presenter: Tom Rebbeck, Research Director
  • Forecasts for the broader IT market beyond connectivity
  • Approaches for addressing this market
  • Operator positioning and competitive differentiation
Breakout session 1

1.    IoT trends: new connectivity models, LPWA and IoT platforms

Presenters: Michele Mackenzie, Principal Analyst, Research and Ahmed Ali, Senior Analyst, Research

  • The potential for consumer IoT services
  • New business models with LPWA
  • The threat from new IoT MVNOs


2. The network as digital infrastructure: a reality check

Presenters: Caroline Chappell, Research Director

  •  Network virtualisation: state of the market
  • Update on WAN SDN: implications for network management and automation
  • 5G and virtualisation: new entrants gain momentum


3. Business models for transition to full-fibre in Europe 

Presenter: Rupert Wood, Research Director

  • The long-established incumbent/cable/other licensed operators (OLO) market structure is collapsing and new market structures are emerging
  • The rise of competitive wholesale fibre: passive and active access
  • Alternative models: co-investment; indefeasible rights of use (IRU); commercial wholesale; contingent access and pipe only retail
  • The impact on retail services and pricing; forecasts of full-fibre coverage and take-up


4. Turning the linear OTT threat into an opportunity: strategies for delivering high-quality live OTT TV and video services

Presenter: Gorkem Yigit, Senior Analyst, Research

  • Strategies for pay-TV operators to turn the live OTT services threat into an opportunity
  • Insight into replicating the QoE of traditional TV services in live OTT services
  • Overview of key content delivery network (CDN), video optimisation and video processing approaches to overcoming scalability and latency issues


5. Placing AI at the heart of digital transformation: how data-driven automation is critical to success

Presenter: Justin van der Lande, Principal Analyst, Research

  • Defining AI and identifying the factors that are critical to its use
  • Where do vendors' solutions fit alongside other solutions and what role should communications service providers (CSPs) perform in providing in-house solutions?
  • Where should AI first be applied?
  • What examples of solutions are there in the market?


6. Identifying best practice in digital experience

Presenter: Stephen Sale, Research Director

  • The drivers of customer experience: pricing, performance and service
  • The role of digital channels in improving customer service
  • Measuring success in digital experience transformation
Coffee break
Breakout session 2

Repeat of earlier sessions from 14:00–14:45.

Drinks Reception
  • When? Thursday 4 October 2018 9:00AM - 5:00PM
  • Where? Hilton London Tower Bridge Hotel London