EUTC Workshop On 5G

Ian Adkins, Principal at Analysys Mason, will be speaking at the EUTC 5G Workshop, being held in Brussels, Belgium, 26 June 2019.

Ian will be joining the discussions during the panel sessions '5G deployment and utilities' and 'Global view on 5G timeline and rollout' and will be focusing on:

  • Access to infrastructure for 5G deployment
  • The Electronic Communications Code and its application to passive infrastructure (public sector, rail, road and utility)
  • Utilities as facilitators of 5G

About the event

The event will be utility focused and covered not only by the potential use cases for 5G technology in the utility sector and smart grids but also the opportunity represented by the requirements of the utility community to shape the development of 5G standards and associated future LTE releases.

There will be focus sessions on key areas including – business cases for 5G incorporation within the utility sector (passive and active infrastructure), process for influencing utility-specific 5G functionality (via 3GPP), hybrid private / public integration, spectrum allocations and synergies with other verticals (automotive, rail, healthcare etc.).

For more information on the event, visit the website here.


Ian Adkins, Analysys Mason
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