Mobile World Congress 2019: key findings and implications

Analysys Mason's team of analysts discuss their insights on the themes, announcements and innovations emerging from Mobile World Congress 2019 and the implications and opportunities for your business.

Our MWC19 webinar covers a range of issues including:

  • 5G implementation, use cases and business models
  • the impact of AI
  • consumer and enterprise applications and services
  • IoT, digital transformation and innovation

Our presenters will cover the trends and themes from keynotes, conference sessions and briefings, along with highlighting the implications for your business and the industry.

For more information about the webinar, don't hesitate to contact us. 


John Abraham, Analysys Mason
Principal Analyst, Research john.abraham@analysysmason.com +44 20 7395 9000
Caroline Gabriel, Analysys Mason
Principal Analyst, Research caroline.gabriel@analysysmason.com +44 20 7395 9000
Larry Goldman, Analysys Mason
Partner, Head of Networks and Software Research larry.goldman@analysysmason.com +1 630 518 2410
Michele Mackenzie, Analysys Mason
Principal Analyst, Research michele.mackenzie@analysysmason.com +44 1223 460 600
Justin van der Lande, Analysys Mason
Principal Analyst, Research justin.van.der.lande@analysysmason.com +44 20 7395 9000