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The roll-out of 5G networks: will consumers see much change today?

31 May 2019

Press release

Graeme Neill, Senior Analyst at Analysys Mason, discusses the roll-out of 5G networks on BBC radio. 

"Networks will be pretty limited to begin with and consumers will be required to upgrade their devices which, of course, comes at a cost. There will only be a handful of devices available in the early stages and entry prices are going to be quite expensive with the lowest price being GBP54 per month,"

He continues: "EE will build out the network as quickly as it can and has said that it is building 100 sites per month across the UK. Consumers can already do a lot with LTE such as stream videos and music. It is the industrial applications of 5G that operators are very optimistic about."

To hear the full interview on BBC Radio Foyle's Breakfast Show click here. Graeme's interview commences at 28:22.