Researching CSPs’ attitudes towards GenAI to guide marketing strategy and thought leadership

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Anlaysys Mason helped to inform Amdocs's market positioning and thought leadership.

Supporting a go-to-market strategy for GenAI

Amdocs offers a portfolio of software and professional services for communications and media services providers worldwide and has recently developed a generative AI (GenAI) platform targeted at communications service providers (CSPs). The amAIz platform enables a flexible, secure and regulatory-compliant approach to adopting GenAI. It also delivers GenAI-enabled flexibility, security and compliance to foster innovation and new business models, automate processes and enhance CSPs’ decision-making. As part of the amAIz platform launch phase, Amdocs aimed to clarify the market positioning of its GenAI solutions, as well as providing evidence for credible thought leadership assets to present to clients. 

Researching the operator landscape for GenAI

To gauge CSPs’ adoption and traction of GenAI technology, Amdocs wanted to understand the operator landscape to determine their attitudes, strategy, roadmap and current status in leveraging GenAI.  Amdocs engaged Analysys Mason based on our research capabilities, our telecoms-specific AI market knowledge and our strong relationships with CSPs worldwide. These relationships were vital to the success of the project given the hesitancy of many CSPs in divulging details of their GenAI strategies at this early juncture. 

The prime objective of the research was to learn about CSPs’ attitudes to and implementation strategies for GenAI: if (and when) they plan to adopt it, how and where they plan to adopt it, use cases to implement and the challenges they expect to encounter. 

Quantitative and qualitative surveys identify strategies

Analysys Mason’s Cloud research practice designed two survey instruments in consultation with Amdocs to bring together quantitative data with qualitative insight. The quantitative data was drawn from a survey that included over 100 operator surveys worldwide; qualitative insight was derived from a second survey which included key stakeholders in data, AI and operations teams from operators in the Asia–Pacific region, Europe and North America. Analysys Mason conducted the research between late 2023 and early 2024. The summary findings were presented to Amdocs, alongside a more forensic whitepaper focused on specific operator strategies for GenAI. 

Valuable GenAI insights ignite a marketing campaign

Our research has helped Amdocs to identify and solidify its market position for GenAI, engage with CSPs via insightful thought leadership sessions and support Amdocs’s marketing campaigns. 

Our research provided clear evidence that the telecoms operator community is very informed of, and are enthusiastic about, GenAI. 90% of CSP survey respondents said that GenAI is becoming critically or highly important for achieving near- and medium-term business goals. Many CSPs are still developing their GenAI strategies, and their GenAI programmes are at an early stage. Some CSPs already have plans to use GenAI beyond content generation use cases, particularly in terms of automating their operations. Overall, the emerging trend is that CSPs are investing time and resources in their GenAI strategies, and now is the time for the vendor community to engage with CSPs on how to support the evolution of their strategies and to decide which toolsets to invest in.

Amdocs released the research findings in a whitepaper titled Market Insights: a guide for CSPs on maximising the value of GenAI, as part of an overarching GenAI thought leadership and marketing campaign at Mobile World Congress 2024.


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