Benchmark of audiovisual regulation in Brussels and selected European cities

06 January 2020 | Consulting

David Abecassis


Analysys Mason was commissioned to review the licensing and regulatory regime for broadcasters in Brussels, and to benchmark the approach taken by Brussels against that followed in Paris, Amsterdam and Dublin.

The choice of city in which to establish itself is a key decision for an audiovisual service provider (AVSP). AVSPs will therefore consider a range of criteria when selecting a new location, including the local licensing and regulatory regime. A less restrictive licensing and regulatory regime is likely to make a city an attractive candidate to AVSPs.

Analysys Mason’s report combines a review of licensing and regulatory regimes and consultations with both regulators and broadcasters to provide a comparative overview of approaches taken in different cities. Key findings of the report include:

  • Any AVSP that chooses Brussels and offers a mix of content not exclusively targeted at one region of Belgium would register with the national regulatory authority, the Belgian Institute for Postal Services and Telecommunications.
  • The audiovisual licensing regime in Brussels is comparatively simple: it has no licensing fees and an unlimited licence duration (providing the establishment criteria are met).
  • The audiovisual regulatory regime in Brussels is a light-touch implementation of the EU’s audiovisual media services directive (AVMSD), with minimal additional obligations imposed.
  • Brussels is promoting a vibrant media sector with incentives to foster the development of a skilled content production workforce.

The report also provides further details on initiatives in place in both Brussels and the benchmark cities to support the development of the audiovisual sector.

The report, commissioned by, is available here.

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