Pro-competitive measures and coverage obligations in mid-band auctions

14 February 2022 | Spectrum

Janette Stewart | Mark Colville

Report | PDF (37 pages)

A new study by Analysys Mason, on behalf of TELUS, examines pro-competitive measures and coverage obligations applying in different markets in 5G spectrum available in the 3400–4200MHz mid-bands.

In the 5G era, the focus of mobile network investment is on deploying new ‘mid-band’ capacity in parts of the spectrum between 3400–4200MHz as a means of introducing new mobile services. National regulators can opt to make mid-band spectrum available in different ways and may seek to satisfy differing objectives through pro-competitive measures and coverage obligations.

In its policy and licensing framework for the spectrum in the 3800MHz band, the Canadian government is considering several formulations of these options.

As part of its response to the Canadian government’s consultation, TELUS has asked Analysys Mason to compare how spectrum in the 3400–4200MHz bands has been awarded in 24 high-income countries, which are all members of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

This report compares different measures applying internationally in the selected markets in mid-band spectrum, including spectrum caps, coverage obligation and other options to incentivise coverage roll-out.