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Analysys Mason's Telecoms Summit 2020

Analysys Mason is hosting its 10th annual invitation-only Telecoms Summit.

If you have an interest in attending and would like to be considered, please register your interest by emailing david.mcelroy@analysysmason.com

This year, the event will be held virtually and will take place on Tuesday 10 November and Wednesday 11 November from 1.00pm - 4.00pm BST.

The event will help operators and vendors to understand the key drivers and trends that are influencing the telecoms, media and technology (TMT) market.

Our event will feature leading analysts and subject-matter experts, who will offer exclusive insights and advice.

Free invitation-only, two-day event

Comprehensive agenda

The summit agenda will feature keynote presentations and briefing sessions, and will be confirmed later in the year.

Industry-leading research

Presentations will draw on detailed primary and secondary research.

Which companies will be represented?

Telecoms operators, vendors, financial institutions, policymakers and regulators.

Who should attend?

CxOs, marketing intelligence personnel, policy executives, and members of marketing and strategy teams will benefit most from attending. 

1.00PM - 1.45PM
Day 1 keynote 1: Our overall view of the telecoms industry and expectations for the next 5 years

• Overall numbers for revenue, investment and operations

• Which areas within the telecoms industry are subject to the most change?

• What are the main issues that the telecoms industry needs to address in order to cope with change?

Fiona Glennon and Larry Goldman

2.00PM - 2.45PM
Day 1 keynote 2: The post-COVID-19 pandemic landscape for telecoms operators

• How was operator performance affected during the COVID-19 pandemic and how will it be affected in the post-pandemic era?

• How has the pandemic affected operators’ strategic priorities?

• What impact will the pandemic have on consumer demand (for example, the shift in importance of fixed versus mobile, or price versus performance)?

• What are the main business opportunities to emerge as enterprises adjust to the next new normal?

Stephen Sale and Tom Rebbeck

3.15PM - 4.00PM
Day 1 breakout 1: Developments in the SMB security market

• Discussion of the results of Analysys Mason's recent cyber-security surveys

• Developments in the network security market

• Developments in the endpoint security market

Igor Babić

3.15PM - 4.00PM
Day 1 breakout 2: Changing patterns of business demand

• Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on operator business revenue

• How operators can increase revenue from unified communications, collaboration and remote working tools

Catherine Hammond

3.15PM - 4.00PM
Day 1 breakout 3: Leveraging in home connectivity

• The value of differentiation through home Wi-Fi features and quality

• Exploring the F5G vision: assessing the role of fibre-to-the-room deployments

• Opportunities in the connected home, including connected home automation and security

Stephen Wilson

3.15PM - 4.00PM
Day 1 breakout 4: Operator strategies for emerging content: gaming, VR video and beyond

• Opportunities to diversify into adjacent content areas (such as gaming) and to grow new markets and content categories (for example, VR video)

• Capturing value by entering the cloud gaming value chain

• Focus on VR video streaming, including augmented live sports and concert experiences

Martin Scott and Giulio Sinibaldi

1.00PM - 1.45PM
Day 2: keynote 1: 5G-driven industrial transformation: an assessment of the operator opportunity

• How can operators maximise connectivity revenue (for example, from private 5G/LTE networks) as industries transform their processes and supply chains, and also have a wider choice of private network supplier and spectrum options?

• What role will operator edge locations play in the digital transformation of industry sectors and which strategies will make money?

• Can operators add value by hosting industrial application developer hubs and marketplaces, and who will their new competitors be?

Caroline Chappell and Michele Mackenzie

2.00PM - 2.45PM
Day 2 keynote 2: Is automation the critical factor in reducing mobile operators' TCO in the 5G era?

•Will patterns of capex and opex be significantly different in 5G networks than in 4G?

• What are the most-significant levers for controlling TCO in 5G networks and operations?

• What are the potential TCO savings achievable with various automation strategies?

• How are telecoms operators expecting to use the cash that has been freed up by TCO savings to enhance the 5G business case?

Caroline Gabriel and Anil Rao

3.15PM - 4.00PM
Day 2 breakout 1: Full fibre: how we get to where we want to be

• The rapidly changing picture of demand

• What can be achieved to speed up deployment and make investment efficient

• What we did not know we needed: 10G/50G/SDAN/fibre-to-the-everywhere

Rupert Wood

3.15PM - 4.00PM
Day 2 breakout 2: Partnering with public cloud providers for intrastructure and platform services: opportunities for the telecoms industry

• BSS/OSS/NEP partnership models: how deep do – or should - they go?

• Trends in operator adoption of public cloud for IT and network workloads

• An assessment of the role that public cloud will play in 5G

Gorkem Yigit and Justin van der Lande

3.15PM - 4.00PM
Day 2 breakout 3: New operator service approaches: embracing the cloud and 5G to enable a new era of innovation

• The state of cloud-based networks (core and RAN) and why you should care

• Cloud enablers for new enterprise services, such as edge compute and slicing

• The impact of 5G standalone (SA) on critical consumer services such as voice and mobile broadband

Roberto Kompany

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Tuesday 10 - Wednesday 11 November 2020 1.00PM - 4.00PM GMT