Meet the expert

Meet the expert

Julia Allford


Julia is a Consultant based in Cambridge. During her time at Analysys Mason, she has developed expertise in desktop research, quantitative and qualitative data analysis and developing conclusions and recommendations. She has a diverse portfolio of project experience working for a range of clients, including government departments, vendors, operators, regulators and international finance institutions. 

Her recent experience includes a series of research projects on licensed and unlicensed spectrum availability, assignments, regulation and key market potential – with a particular focus on 5G; a project modelling the cost and impact of various factors on different 5G use cases in a developed nation; support for the development of a detailed financial model for an Asian–Pacific operator, including providing evidence and responses to the regulator’s questions; and a publication on the success of the internet – requiring computational analysis of open-source data, interviews with key stakeholders, and its presentation at a series of conferences. 

Julia holds an MEng in chemical engineering from the University of Cambridge.