Meet the expert

Meet the expert

Oscar Birnbreier

Director, expert in cyber security


As a cyber security expert at Analysys Mason, Oscar has been a cornerstone in the evolution of the firm’s cyber-security portfolio and delivery team. Since joining in 2017, Oscar has developed deep expertise in the telecoms and technology sectors, and, in doing so, has been able to contribute significantly to protecting our clients’ most valuable assets. Oscar is especially experienced in crafting tailored cyber-security solutions according to each clients’ risk acceptance level to ensure financial viability.

Oscar has a proved track record in providing clients with leadership in information security management, cyber steering and governance. His adept guidance during digital transformations enhances our clients’ cyber-security maturity. He is also an experienced portfolio manager, providing strategic oversight on project portfolios, ensuring our clients have a comprehensive view of their finances and implementation priorities.

Oscar holds an M.Sc. in International Business Administration and is fluent in German, English and Spanish.