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FTTP migration tends to reduce churn, but the impact is nuanced and may be weaker than generally perceived

16 July 2021 | Research

Stephen Wilson

Article | PDF (3 pages) | Fixed Broadband Services

"The evidence suggests that FTTP roll-outs can reduce churn rates and that fibre players can attract churners from copper, but the impact may be relatively modest."


Money is pouring into FTTP roll-outs and subscribers are continuing to migrate to FTTP services. Operators and investors need to understand whether the higher speeds and reliability of FTTP networks will lower churn rates because this will affect their future profitability. New FTTP entrants must understand the opportunities for attracting churners from copper and cable competitors. In this article, which accompanies Analysys Mason’s Fixed broadband churn metrics, we look at data from different countries to assess the impact of FTTP on fixed broadband churn.


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