Project Sylva gives European operators the opportunity to safeguard their future competitiveness

13 December 2022 | Research

Joseph Attwood | Caroline Chappell

Article | PDF (2 pages) | Cloud Infrastructure Strategies

"Project Sylva addresses a problem that has troubled the network function virtualisation movement from the beginning and that continues to delay the migration to cloud-native networks and threaten the viability of Open RAN."


Five European operators, most of which are initiators and supporters of open-source initiatives in general and Linux Foundation (LF) projects in particular, have announced Project Sylva, a new LF-sponsored activity to specify a European network cloud. The aim of Project Sylva is to develop a common cloud software framework, reference implementations and an integration and validation programme. It is the first project to be announced by LF’s fledgling outpost, LF Europe, and its November launch follows closely behind the launch of LF Europe itself. The first release of the Sylva framework is expected in mid-2023.


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