Satellite servicing transforming space business models

01 June 2023 | Research

Dallas Kasaboski

Article | PDF (4 pages) | Satellite Infrastructure


Satellite servicing missions have been gaining traction with announcements such as Mission Extension Pod orders from Intelsat & Optus, a refueling demo with OrbitFab & Impulse Space, and ASI awarding $256M to a Thales Alenia Space led consortium for servicing. The expanding implementation of in-orbit services (IoS) is reshaping the satellite industry, particularly in terms of satellite life extension to extend the life and functionality of assets, lowering costs and improving mission success. Key technologies such as refueling, tugging, and robotics are being positioned to address the needs of a clientele seeking cost-effective, rapid, safety-focused, and continuous services. Taking a closer view of this market, the questions which require careful consideration are: What business models might be most profitable and sustainable for the in-orbit service operators of the future? What are key strategies for satellite operators and life extension service providers to consider in this rapidly changing landscape?


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