SUSE has a good opportunity to make headroom as a cloud software provider for DIY telco network clouds

06 October 2023 | Research

Joseph Attwood

Article | PDF (2 pages) | Cloud Infrastructure Strategies

"As evidenced by its involvement in Project Sylva, SUSE could potentially be a significant player in the telco network cloud space, especially for European CSPs."


The popularity of CentOS Linux has helped Red Hat become a key cloud platform provider for communications service providers (CSPs) taking a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach to building their network cloud stacks. SUSE can take advantage of Red Hat ending support for CentOS Linux to get CSPs formerly using CentOS to migrate to SUSE’s own versions of Enterprise Linux (EL)  Subsequently, SUSE must work out how to get these CSPs to adopt its cloud-native platform which runs on its EL distributions (distros).


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Joseph Attwood